The Runoff Dilemma tells the story of competing interests as this issue continues to unfold throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. American farmers have been considered by generations of Americans as trusted stewards of the earth who have an intimate, unbreakable bond with nature. But now, this ethic of eco-stewardship for which farmers have been so famous is fading as reports of land and water polluted by farm operations are published nationwide. It's especially true in the expansive Chesapeake watershed. In 2009, agricultural nutrient runoff represents the major pollution crisis facing the Chesapeake Bay. Recognizing this, a growing chorus of environmentalists, policymakers and scientists say that tougher new preventative regulations must be imposed and rigorously enforced before any real progress in Bay cleanup is realized. However, farmers and agribusinesses from New York to Virginia claim tougher new regulations will force already economically stressed farms out of business. 60:00, 2010 Air Date: 4/23/10

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