For the thirsty traveler in Maryland, every point of the compass leads to Wine Country. It's there in the Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, the Central Counties and in Western Maryland. Clusters of wineries straddle wine trails, laid out so that a wine tourist can drive the entire circuit in an easy relaxing day. The wines of Maryland await discovery. And the hard working wine makers and grape growers of the Free State are eager to share with you the romance of visiting Wine Country.30:00, 2009. Featured: Berrywine Plantaton/Linganore Winccellars, Black Ankle Vineyards, Basignani , Boordy Vineyards, Bordeleau Vineyards and Winery, Mark Cascia Vineyards, Cassinelli W&V, Cove Point Winery, Cygnus Wine Cellars, Dove Valley V&W, Elk Run Vineyards, Fiore Winery, Frederick Cellars, Friday's Creek Winery, Knob Hall Winery, Little Ashby Vineyards, Loew Vineyards, Perigeaux V&W, Running Hare Vineyard, Solomon's Island Winery, St. Michaels Winery, St. Michaels, Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Terrapin Station Winery, Tilmon's Island Winery, Woodhall Wine Cellars, Penn Oaks Winery

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