The Great Aquarium Treasure Hunt DVD


THE coolest class field trip of the year -- to the National Aquarium in Baltimore! But for the students of South Town Middle School there's a catch "" Science Teacher Mr. Hedgeman has turned it into a Treasure Hunt! What amazing things can they find and learn before time is up? Classmates Dewey and Trevor love a challenge, but will they figure out their clues and stay ahead of the other students "" especially Sloane - to win the grand prize? To preview click on

Great Aquarium Treasure Hunt

Join Dewey and Trevor on a wild exploration of the National Aquarium in Baltimore, home to thousands of species of marine life! In this fast paced adventure, meet the experts all throughout this aquatic world located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Find out what marine life is in the Chesapeake Bay, go "down under" to visit the crocodiles of Australia, discover the frogs of an indoor rainforest, and submerge yourself into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for an up close look at the astounding array of deep sea life from sharks to rays to dolphins! In the end, Dewey and Trevor have seen the entire aquarium, but can they be the first team to have all the answers before it's too late? Find out in the exciting adventure of The Great Aquarium Treasure Hunt! (30:00 + extra segment)

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