Steven Raichlen: Primal Grill 3-DVD Combo


VOLUMES ONE, TWO, and THREE contains selected recipes from each season. DVD VOL ONE has shows 101 thru 107 from Season One.101-Smoke Screen; 102-Kebabs of the World Unite; 103-Make No-Mistake; 104-Bird Meets Grill; 105-Fish Without Fear; 106-Vegetarians at the Grill; 107-Shoulders & Butts, plus several bonus recipes. DVD VOL TWO has 5 choice programs from Season Two; 201-On the Bone, 204-By the Sea, 206-From the Garden, 208-In the Fire, 209-On the Rotisserie, plus bonus tips on skewers, smoking and wood chunks.
DVD VOL THREE includes programs: 301-Primal Grill, 307-Asia's Crossroads, 309-Spanish Smoke, 310-Out of Africa, 313-Primal Grills for a Crowd. Also included are extra individual recipes: Chicken in Salt Crust-303, German Speissbraten-311, Sweet and Sour Duck-304, Wood-Oven Pizza-304, Vegetable Mixed Grill-311. PLUS the behind-the-scenes video on how the shows are made. Check out ALL of the Episodes and Recipes at the PRIMAL GRILL WEBSITE. Most recipes list the cookbook where they are located.

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