MAN MADE MEALS by Steven Raichlen


MAN MADE MEALS: The Essential Cookbook for Guys

Steven Raichlen, best-selling author of the Barbecue! Bible series, truly understands the joy men get from cooking -- the satisfaction of honing skills, the urge to show off a little, the passion for excellence -- and so, in Man Made Meals, he teaches everything a guy needs to gain confidence, competence and style in the kitchen.

LEARN the tools and techniques. (It's knife, fire, and blowtorch fun.)

MASTER the basics; how to shuck an oyster, roast a chicken, grill a steak to the perfect doneness.

DISCOVER powerful flavor boosters like anchovies, bacon, miso, and olive paste, and how to use them.

AND most of all, learn how to make more than 300 great recipes to dazzle, impress your spouse, be a hero to your family, or simply feed yourself with real pleasure.

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