Outdoors Maryland Horse Stories DVD


Stories about the beauty, versatility and man's love of the horses of the Chesapeake area. (1) To Horse and Away: The ancient tradition of fox chasing is alive and well in the rolling green hills and farm fields of Carroll County. (2) Ponies on the Edge: The Assateague herd of ponies has grown too large and is damaging the ecology of the Island. (3)A Leg Up: In Howard County a stable of very special horses stand at ready to offer people of all ages with disabilities an opportunity to enjoy nature's beauty. (4)Eyes and Ears: Volunteers mount horses and ride the trails in Maryland State Parks tom watch out for the Safety and well-being of park visitors. (5) A Last Dash: Saluter, bought in his middle ages by a Maryland trainer goes for the big one: The Virginia Cup. (6) Wild and Free: Learn what makes the Assateague Ponies so unique.(7) Born to Run: The age old art of breeding race horses in Maryland. (8)The Game: The Horse Racing Industry in Maryland. (9)That's Sporting of You: Polo playing in Maryland.

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